Monday, November 17, 2008

Ringing at the Speed of Prayer

Just released by Innova:

"In the autumn of 2006, Brian Dewan presented the Liverpool Cathedral Bell Ringers with performance instructions for Ringing At The Speed Of Prayer. Each of eight ringers was to arrive at the bell tower with a number of prayers of their own choosing; after saying each prayer (which can be any length) the ringer pulls the rope and sounds the bell, then returns the bell to its original position. After saying another prayer, the bell is rung again. This yields a sparse and jagged melody created not by an author but by Providence. Though the ringers and their prayers can be neither seen nor heard outside the tower, it is because of them that the bells can be heard below intermingling with the sounds of automobiles, airplanes, emergency vehicles and the chimes of ice-cream trucks, an intermingling of the public and private, the seen and unseen, the secular and the sacred."

Insta-review: "This guy is a bard!" - Trixie von Mothersbaugh

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